About Us

The purpose of Eicosanoid Research Association, Inc. is to promote scientific research and education in the field of Eicosanoid research. This is carried out through an annual meeting, The International Winter Eicosanoid Conference, which serves as a forum for exchange of ideas and learning of exciting new developments in the field of eicosanoids with a focus on cancer, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease. The meeting is highly interactive with an emphasis on presentation of unpublished or recently published data. The format consists of oral presentations by both junior and senior researchers in the field and poster sessions. The overall objective is to create an environment for a panoramic and critical review of the field of eicosanoid research.
The meeting was started with the ideas of Dr. John C. McGiff who asked three other leading eicosanoid researchers to join him in putting this meeting together. The first meeting was held in 1998 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. As Baltimore deemed to be an easy port of entry for both national and international meeting participants, Baltimore has become the annual meeting place. Also, since March is a time when other major scientific meetings are not taking place, we chose the second week in March as the timeframe for the meeting, hence, the Winter Eicosanoid Conference.

As the field broadened, Dr. McGiff decided to turn the meeting over to a group of researchers who joined forces to become the Eicosanoid Research Association, Inc.
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